Breakup Counselling

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Calm Your Mind, Rebuild the Fabulous You and Look Forward to a Bright and Wonderful Life

If you feel overwhelmed and life is just getting you down you don't have to feel alone. Let me help you to get your life back on track.

Whatever the issue - problems at home, in your relationship, in your workplace (breakup, bullying, retrenchment, dismissal, discrimination, harassment eating disorder, psychological or physical violence, crazymaking, gaslighting, confidence etc) - this can affect your self esteem and your enjoyment of life.   Let me help you.

We will work together to find a solution.

This doesn't necessarily mean a change to your physical environment  (although sometimes you may want to change this too) it just may mean a change to your outlook on life, your interpretation of what's happening, refocusing your attention, rebuilding your self-esteem or reassessing things.

Let me help you to Calm Your Mind and Rebuild the Fabulous You so you can Look Forward to a Bright and Wonderful Life.




Kelly has great insight into everyday problems which can sometimes overwhelm us. She provides practical guidance to help resolve these issues to enable us to move forward and create a wonderful life.